HPerrys Jewelers - HPerry's Jewelers Rips You Off & Lies!

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It is fraudulent practice to use the name and accomplishments of a business that is no longer open.Family of jewelers since 1948?

"HPerry's" has been opened less than 2 years. Won the Best of the Best award? "HPerry's" never won best of the best... just looked it up on the best of the best website...

they werent even open yet in 2010 when they claim tohave won! False advertising, and fraudulent practice! Scam artists and liars! Save yourself some money folks and go elsewhere!!

Paying fake SSI collectors under the table too from what I've heard! That's taking money from us tax payers and the guy brags about it! After the "sale" I saw a RUBY from this *** store appraised as only being RED GLASS!!!!

Look into it people, BEWARE!!!REPORT AND GO ELSEWHERE!

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